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The Cuernos in Torres del Paine National Park in Chile
Chile: Torres del Paine National Park is one of the highlights of Patagonia
A rainbow over the mountains at the Rio Electrico in Argentina
Argentina, Los Glaciares National Park: The area around El Chaltén is a photographer’s dream
The Fitz Roy in the evening light
Argentina, Los Glaciares National Park: Fitz Roy in the most beautiful evening light
The view in the morning over the water to the Cuernos in the Torres del Paine National Park
Chile, Torres del Paine: Simply one of the most beautiful places in the world
A rock needle illuminated by the sun in the mountains of Torres del Paine National Park
Chile, Torres del Paine: On the W-Trek you hike through a breathtaking landscape
View of the Roque Agando on La Gomera
La Gomera: Hard to believe, but this magical place is only a few hours flight away from Germany
View of the Teide at sunrise from La Palma
Teide, Tenerife: The view of the Teide at sunrise from La Palma
The Sigöldugljúfur in Iceland in the evening light
Iceland: Sigöldugljúfur gorge is an Eldorado for landscape photography
The Búðakirkja in Iceland under green northern lights
Iceland: For me auroras are one of the most spectacular natural phenomena in the world
The rock La Catedral in the Roques de García on Tenerife
Tenerife: A magical place in the mountains of the Canary Island
A ray of light in Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon, Arizona: Antelope Canyon is world famous and is without a doubt one of the most beautiful photo spots in the world
A tree in the canyon Sa Calobra in Mallorca
Mallorca: The first rays of sun come over the mountains
Sunrise at Toroweap Point
Sunrise at Toroweap Point, Arizona: At this point, the walls of the Grand Canyon are particularly narrow. There is hardly a more impressive photo spot in the world
The main building of the salt works of Marsala in the evening
Marsala, Sicily: The salt flats near Marsala in Sicily are breathtakingly beautiful in the evening light
Milky Way over Nuptse
Khumbu, Nepal: The Milky Way above Nuptse. Nuptse is a neighbor of Mount Everest
The Subway in Zion National Park in Utah
Zion National Park, Utah: The Subway in Zion National Park is one of the top sights in the southwestern U.S.
A tree at night in Joshua Tree National Park in California
Joshua Tree National Park, California: The glow of the Milky Way adds magic to the landscape
Torrent de Pareis
Mallorca: View into the gorge of Torrent de Pareis, long before sunrise
Sunrise Highland Tourist Road
Highland Tourist Road, Scotland: The light atmosphere lasts only a few minutes, but is indescribably beautiful
Moon Butte
Moon Butte, Utah: Moon Butte is located in the middle of nowhere in the vast expanses of Utah. With the right lens and the right lighting mood, Moon Butte is a top photo spot
The rock "Pan di Zucchero" in Sardinia in the evening light
Sardinia: The “Pan di Zuchhero” – the sugar loaf of Sardinia – in the evening light. Shortly before a violent thunderstorm with lightning, thunder and heavy rain swept away over us
The Lhotse summit with clouds
Khumbu, Nepal: The summit of Lhotse shines in the light of the rising sun. Lhotse is 8516 meters high
Anticline Overlook
Anticline Overlook, Utah: In the evening light, the huge fault is an absolute hot spot for photographers. Breathtaking landscape images are guaranteed here
Rock gate Es Pontàs
Mallorca: Es Pontàs rock gate is one of the top photo spots in Mallorca
Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon, Arizona: Flowing sand – of course a little help is needed to get exactly this photo
A colorful sunset on the Zugspitze mountain
Zugspitze, Bavaria: There is a thunderstorm in the distance, the sun breaks through. These are the best conditions for breathtaking landscape photos
Sunrise at Hintersee
Hintersee, Bavaria: Hintersee in Berchtesgadener Land is one of the top photo spots in Germany
The King of Wings in New Mexico
“King of Wings”, New Mexico: For a long time the location of the King of Wings in New Mexico was a secret. We hope that this unique and also so fragile natural wonder will remain for a long time to come
Cap Formentor lighthouse
Mallorca: View of the lighthouse of Cap Formentor
Surf at Capo Gallo
Capo Gallo, Sicily: The coastline at Capo Gallo is definitely a highlight in Sicily
The Watzmann in the light of the rising sun
Watzmann, Bavaria: The Watzmann in the light of the rising sun
The Ama Dablam under the Milky Way
Khumbu, Nepal: To capture the Milky Way like this, you should use a fast ultra-wide-angle lens like the Nikkor 14-24 mm 2.8
The beach of Sa Calobra in Mallorca with ravine
Mallorca: The gorge of the Torrent de Pareis in the morning light. Good if you always have a model with you during your shootings
Sunrise in Saxon Switzerland
Saxon Switzerland: One of the most scenic areas in Germany
The water pool at the Emerald Pool
Dominica: The Emerald Pool is one of the top sights on the Caribbean island
The coast of Reine in the morning light
Lofoten: The small fishing village of Reine in the most beautiful morning light. You rarely see a sunrise like this
Morning mood Saxon Switzerland
Saxony: Morning mood in Saxon Switzerland
The Badersee with the Zugspitze in the background
Bavaria: The Badersee is only known to insiders. The Zugspitz massif can be seen in the background
Long exposure Madeira coast
Madeira: an unknown stretch of coast. For photographers the rocks in the water are a gift
Wendelstein sunrise
Bavaria: Wendelstein shrouded in fog in the light of the rising sun
Sunset Volterra
Volterra, Tuscany: Shortly after a thunderstorm, you often have the best light for photography. Volterra is definitely one of the top photo locations in Tuscany
View of Yosemite Valley
Yosemite National Park, California: Shortly after a storm the sun comes out again and lets Yosemite Valley shine in the most beautiful colors
Sunset sea Madeira
Madeira: The sky red is the icing on the photo
Großer Ahornboden
Tyrol: The Große Ahornboden is a popular destination for excursions and offers unbelievably great photo motifs, especially in autumn.
Preveli Beach
Crete: The Preveli Beach with the heart in the sea
The Barmsee in the evening
Barmsee, Bavaria: With a relatively wide closed aperture you get everything sharp from front to back
Loch Eilt
Scotland: View over Loch Eilt. It is absolutely windless and the landscape is perfectly reflected in the water
Skogafoss in Iceland at night
Iceland: While Skogafoss is overrun by visitors during the day, at night you are all alone at this magical place
Heckenbach waterfall
Bavaria: Heckenbach waterfall is an insider tip for photographers
Vernazza beach
Liguria: Vernazza beach is a great photo motif thanks to the many lines in the rock
Leoganger Steinberge
Leoganger Steinberge, Salzburg: The peaks of the Leoganger Steinberge push through the high fog and shine in the evening light
Cappella della Madonna di Vitaleta
Tuscany: The Cappella della Madonna di Vitaleta is a real photo highlight in Tuscany
View Schattberg
Salzburg: Shortly before sunset the sky over the Schattberg shines in the most beautiful colors
Sunrise Tuscany
Tuscany: The first rays of the sun make the colors of Tuscany glow. In Tuscany you definitely need a telephoto lens to take pictures
Coast near Canico
Madeira: The coast near Canico – taken with a gray graduated filter
Twilight by the sea on Kaua'i
Kauai, USA: Sunrise by the sea. By the way, the Hawaiian island is also the filming location of Jurassic Park
Sunrise Henne Strand
Henne Strand, Denmark: Even seemingly unspectacular subjects like a long beach can really pop in the right light
One person in Long Canyon in Utah
Utah: A side arm of Long Canyon. The person in the photo – in this case myself – shows the dimensions of the rock walls. With the wide angle the effect is even enhanced
Night shot Restonica valley
Corsica: The night sky over the Restonica valley
Yaks in Nepal
Khumbu, Nepal: A herd of dzos, a cross between yak and domestic cattle
Mount Everest and Lhoste Milky Way
Khumbu, Nepal: Mount Everest, Lhoste and Ama Dablam under the Milky Way
Winter landscape Lofoten
Lofoten: An icy winter landscape in the light of the setting evening sun
Iceland: The basalt rock Hvítserkur. The 15-meter-high rock is the nesting place of numerous bird species. According to legend, Hvítserkur is a troll that was petrified by the sun
The Unstad Beach in Lofoten
Lofoten: In the twilight Unstad Beach gives a particularly great photo motif
Sunrise Berchesgaden Alps
Salzburg: A dramatic sunrise in the Berchesgaden Alps
The Wave in Arizona
Wave, Arizona: It took us years to finally get a permit for the Wave. Access is limited to 20 people per day
Fog in Restonica Valley
Corsica: Fog in Restonica Valley
Lava beach on Stokksnes peninsula
Iceland: The black lava beach on the Stokksnes peninsula is an absolute highlight
Belvedere Tuscany
Tuscany: The Belvedere near San Quirico de Orcia is one of the most famous photo motifs in Tuscany
The coast of Vareid with Flakstadtinden
Lofoten: The view from Vareid to Flakstadtinden in the evening light
Sunset behind Lobuche massif
Khumbu, Nepal: The sun sets behind the Lobuche massif
Lofoten landscape
Lofoten: View from the port of Hovsund to the north
Clouds over Snæfellsjökull National Park
Iceland: Clouds gather over Snæfellsjökull National Park
The view of the island of Sa Dragonera near Mallorca
Mallorca: The dragon island Sa Dragonera is also an incredibly great photo motif in the evening
Flower meadow Stanser Joch
Tyrol: A flower meadow at the Stanser Joch in the evening light
Sunset Bonifacio
Corsica: Bonifacio in the south of Corsica is one of the top sights of the island
Phakding in the evening
Phakding, Nepal: Only a few lamps shine in the evening in Phakding
Hamnøy coast in the morning light
Lofoten: View of the small fishing village Hamnøy in the morning light
Punta del Hildalgo
Punta del Hildalgo, Canary Islands: Definitely one of the most impressive photo spots in Tenerife
Pumori in evening light
Khumbu, Nepal: View of Kala Patthar and Pumori in the background
The view from the Zugspitze in the evening to other peaks
Zugspitze, Bavaria: Here, the cloud cover on the horizon breaks up dramatically
Manarola in the moonlight
Manarola, Liguria: The small town on the coast of Liguria is a top spot for photographers and tourists
Iceland: The rock Starmýri on the east coast of Iceland
The Horseshoe Bend in Arizona in the evening
Horseshoe Bend, Arizona: The “horseshoe” created by the Colorado River is one of the most fascinating places on this planet
Sunrise East Cape Madeira
Madeira: Sunrise at the east cape of Madeira
Bärenkopf summit at night
Tyrol: Summit selfie in the deepest night on the Bärenkopf
Zugspitze, Bavaria: View towards Schneeferner from the summit of Zugspitze
View into Canyonlands National Park in the evening
Canyonlands National Park, Utah: View from the fabled False Kiva into the vastness of the American Southwest
Sunrise Bernkogel
Salzburg: Together with a photographer colleague I wait for the sunrise in the mountains. In the background you can see the Spielberghorn
The glacier lake Jökulsárlón on Iceland in the morning light
Jökulsárlón, Iceland: The sun is just rising over the glacial lake
Coast near Ribeira da Janela
Madeira: The coast near Ribeira da Janela. The big rocks in the foreground are a great photo motif
Sunset Svinklovene
Svinklovene, Denmark: The sunset is dramatic. You simply must have seen this landscape
Fog in a forest in Nepal
Khumbu, Nepal: The fog swallows everything. On photos fog is always a great design element
Mesa Arch in morning light
Canyonlands National Park, Utah: The Mesa Arch is one of the top photo spots in the southwestern USA
Cap Formentor lighthouse
Mallorca: The lighthouse at Cap Formentor is one of the most popular destinations on Mallorca. Even at night people cavort here
Sunrise on Teide
Tenerife, Canary Islands: Teide in the light of the rising sun is an absolutely brilliant photo motif
Taboche in clouds
Khumbu, Nepal: At sunset the atmosphere becomes dramatic. If you look closely, you can see Taboche in the clouds
Double rainbow
Denmark: A double rainbow on the beach of Søndervig
Monument Valley
Hunts Mesa, Arizona: The sun sets over Monument Valley
Bavaria: Sunset on the snowed Herzogstand-Summit
The Wailua Falls on Kauai
Kauai: Wailua Falls in the evening light
The Wave in Arizona
Arizona: The Wave is a wonder of nature. You can perfectly incorporate the lines into your photo
The waterfalls Havasu Falls
Havasu Falls, Arizona: There is no other place like it in the world. Photographers get their money’s worth here
Illuminated volcano
Lanzarote, Canary Islands: View from one of the many volcanoes on Lanzarote
Turret Arch
Arches National Park, Utah: Turret Arch in the light of the setting sun
The Fairy Pools waterfall in Scotland
Fairy Pools, Scotland: The Fairy Pools are an absolute must-do on any trip to the Isle of Skye
View of the Zugspitze at the Eibsee lake
Zugspitze, Bavaria: The Zugspitze massif in the light of the setting sun. You have this view from the north side of the Eibsee lake
The glacial lake Jökulsárlón
Jökulsárlón, Iceland: The glacial lake is a top sight in Iceland
Lyngvig Fyr lighthouse in Denmark
Denmark: The setting sun transforms the landscape around Lyngvig Fyr lighthouse into a sea of colors
Snow in the Highlands
Scotland: Snow already in the Highlands in autumn
Coast near Vik on Iceland
Vik, Iceland: The coast near Vik is incredibly beautiful – but also dangerous. Again and again, unexpectedly high waves come out of the sea and sweep people into the icy cold waters.
Sunset Dolomites
South Tyrol: Shortly after a violent thunderstorm, the sky briefly cracks open. The joy is only short. In the night all hell breaks loose on us (and us in the tent)
Sunset at Arches National Park
Arches National Park, Utah: For photographers Arches National Park is a real Eldorado
Windows at Arches National Park
Arches National Park, Utah: The morning view of the so-called “Windows” is extremely impressive
Flo between the rock walls of the Narrows
Zion National Park, Utah: The so-called Wall Street – a particularly narrow section of the Narrows in Zion National Park.
Wave area in Arizona
Arizona: The area of the Wave
The Second Wave in Arizona
Arizona: The so-called “Second Wave” could well have been created in a computer – but it is real
Landscape with volcano cone
Lanzarote, Canary Islands: A typical landscape photo on Lanzarote. The island is completely underestimated and offers endless photo motifs to dream about
Yaks in the fog in Nepal
Khumbu, Nepal: Yaks in the mist
Cypress avenue in Tuscany
Tuscany: A typical scene in Tuscany. But with which camera system was the photo taken?
Storm cloud on beach
Denmark: Rain alternates with sun at Søndervig beach
Fog in the Dolomites
South Tyrol: The fog makes this photo, taken in the Dolomites, particularly impressive. Another eye catcher is the hiker
Sunrise Praslin beach
Praslin, Seychelles: A magnificent sunrise in paradise
View of Monument Valley
Hunts Mesa: The view over Monument Valley is breathtaking
Grand Canyon sunset
Grand Canyon, Arizona: The imposing canyon in the last light of day
Half Dome in evening light
Yosemite National Park, California: Half Dome in the light of the setting sun. Shortly before a heavy rain shower swept over us

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