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and our travel blogger team is the travel blog for adventurers and photographers. We enchant with breathtaking landscape photos, spectacular hikes, outdoor adventures and give many useful photo tips.

Founded in 2010, Phototravellers is now one of the most widely read travel blogs in the German-speaking world, with over 750,000 readers a month (to the mediakit). But we don’t travel alone anymore. In the meantime, we are a great team of travel-hungry globetrotters.

Biggi Bauer and Florian Westermann – the founders of Phototravellers

Author image Biggi Bauer

I’m Biggi, founder of the travel blog Phototravellers and travel journalist, video creator and social media expert.

After stints in radio, television and a major publishing house, I took the plunge into self-employment with Flo with Phototravellers in early 2018.

I love to discover distant countries and foreign cultures. And of course I love sunsets. My absolute favorite countries are Italy, Iceland and Ireland.

Author image Florian Westermann

I’m Florian, founder of the travel blog Phototravellers and travel journalist, photographer and (honorary) mountain hiking guide.

After many years in a large business editorial department, I took the plunge into self-employment with Biggi with Phototravellers in early 2018.

Photography and the mountains are my passion. I have been to North America countless times, but I am also always fascinated by the Nordic countries, Italy and of course Germany.

The Phototravellers team

Author Steffen

I am Steffen Eidam, journalist, travel blogger and marketing artist. At Phototravellers, I combine my passion for travel with my many years of journalistic expertise.

My focus is on Greece and city trips in Europe with a focus on London, from where I regularly report.

Here you can find my articles on Phototravellers.

Author Isabel

I am Isabel and at Phototravellers responsible for the Ressort “Travel with children”.

I’m usually on tour with my daughter. Our favorite places are Thailand or Malaysia, we also like camping in Southern Europe.

I report on my experiences on my blog Anomadabroad.

Here you can find my articles on Phototravellers.

Author Chris

I’m Chris and I’m part of the free author team of Phototravellers.

As a journalist, travel and wildlife photographer, I travel to many countries, also for animal welfare organizations like WWF and Vier Pfoten.

You can learn more about me on my website

Here you can find my articles on Phototravellers.

Phototravellers-Fotograf Kurt

Kurt is a passionate hobby photographer (preferably landscape and architecture) and travel enthusiast.

“As a former long-haul pilot, I get around the world a lot and know my way around the world very well. In the USA, for example, I have already visited almost all of the 63 national parks.”

Kurt’s website

Urwaldspende in Deutschland
Urwaldspende in Deutschland

Primeval forests in Germany

Nature is very close to our hearts. In addition to our WalkInTrashOut campaign, since the beginning of 2022 we have been supporting the Green Forest Fund, which works to preserve our natural environment in Germany. We regularly donate trees, virgin forest, sustainable bee pastures and habitat for birds. And we do this in Germany so that future generations can also experience the beauty of our homeland.

Donated primeval forest, bee pasture and habitat for birds so far: 20 square meters
Donated trees so far: 8 trees for two years CO₂ compensation