Gänse vor der Frankfurter Skyline

Top-Things to do in Frankfurt: 20 beautiful sights to see [+ map]

Frankfurt am Main surprised us with many beautiful places and great sights during our trip to the metropolis of Hessen. What comes to mind for most people when they think of Frankfurt? Banks, the stock exchange, skyscrapers, Frankfurt Airport (the largest in Germany, by the way), and maybe the disreputable train station district.

But Frankfurt has so much more to offer. We took a look around Frankfurt - with the active support of some friends in "Mainhattan" - and tell you which places you absolutely must see in Frankfurt.

Updated on 30.09.2022
Biggi & Flo from the travel blog Phototravellers

The top sights in Frankfurt am Main

We show you our highlights of Frankfurt in a short overview. Here you find the top 20 sights you must see.

Geese in front of the Frankfurt skyline
We follow the river promenade – the skyline builds up in front of us
  1. Römer
  2. Paulskirche
  3. Frankfurt skyline
  4. Kaiserdom St. Bartholomäus 
  5. Main guard

In addition to the top sights in the beautifully historic Old Town, such as the Römer and the Kaiserdom St. Bartholomäus, we also give you some insider tips and show you some secret places. If you are good on foot, you can do the most important attractions and activities in one day – but of course, two or three days are more stress-free.

If you are interested in art and history, you should plan one or two extra days for the famous Museumsufer. And if you want to soak up the experience with a glass of wine in the evening, you definitely have to check out the most beautiful rooftop bars in Frankfurt.

Map: All Frankfurt sights at a glance

Get an overview of the top sights in Frankfurt on our interactive map:

1. Römer & Römerberg – the top attraction in Frankfurt

The Römer in Frankfurt
The Römer – here on the left – has been the city’s town hall since the Middle Ages- a cool thing to do in Frankfurt!

The Römer is one top sightseeing attraction and should not be missing on any Frankfurt city trip. The Römer is the city hall of the city since the 15th century and with its stepped gable facade one of the landmarks of the Main metropolis.

By the way, the highlight in the Römer is the Kaisersaal (Website). The hall used to be the meeting hall of the Frankfurt Council. In 1612, a large banquet was held in the Kaisersaal on the occasion of the coronation of Emperor Mathias. Today the Kaisersaal is used for all important receptions of the city. The Kaisersaal is usually open to the public seven days a week (Mon-Sun 10:00 – 13:00 and 14:00 – 17:00).

The Römerberg in Frankfurt in the morning
The Römerberg is one of the top things to do in Frankfurt and one of the most beautiful squares in Germany- Photo: Depositphotos by sborisov

Another highlight is Römerberg, the impressive square in front of the city hall. Visitors from all over the world flock here and take selfies in front of the historical backdrop. In addition to the Römer, the Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen (Fountain of Justice), and the Alte Nikolaikirche (Old St. Nicholas Church) – both located directly on Römerberg – are particularly worth seeing here.

The Gerechtigskeitsbrunnen on the Römerplatz 
Where to visit the Gerechtigkeitsbrunnen? On Römerplatz! It’s a popular photo motif!

By the way, after the Second World War, the Römerberg and the surrounding buildings were in ruins. The houses were rebuilt with great attention to detail and made the Römerberg one of the most beautiful squares in Germany.

Tip: Discovering Frankfurt’s sights by bike is an unforgettable experience. You can book the tour here*.

2. Paulskirche

The Paulskirche in Frankfurt
The Paulskirche was once the seat of Frankfurt’s National Assembly- a cool place to see!

With the Paulskirche (St. Paul’s church), another top thing to do is located in the immediate vicinity of the Römerberg. From 1848 to 1849, the delegates of the Frankfurt National Assembly, the first German national assembly, met in the Paulskirche.

The Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany is based on the drafts of the Frankfurt National Assembly. Along with Hambach Castle in Rhineland-Palatinate, the imposing circular building is considered the symbol of the democracy movement in Germany.

Incidentally, Paulskirche was also destroyed and rebuilt during World War II. Although the name suggests otherwise, the Paulskirche has also long ceased to be a church. Inside the building, today is a plenary hall, which you should definitely take a look at. In addition, events and exhibitions are held here regularly.

More information about the history of the democracy movement and the Paulskirche can be found here on the website of the German Bundestag.

3. Frankfurt Skyline

View of the Frankfurt skyline
Frankfurt is Germany’s only city with a real skyline. It’s a stunning thing to do there! – Photo: Depositphotos by sborisov

Frankfurt is Germany’s only city with a real skyline. The imposing bank towers can be seen from a great distance and are a great photo motif. Frankfurt also bears the nickname Mainhattan.

Frankfurt is home to 15 of the 16 skyscrapers (buildings at least 150 meters high) in Germany. The highest building in the city is the Commerzbank Tower with a height of 259 meters (with an antenna of 300 meters).

Although not the tallest skyscraper in the Main metropolis, the Main Tower (website) is certainly the most famous skyscraper in the city. At the top of the “Skyscraper”, there are two viewing platforms at a height of about 200 meters, from which you have a great view over Frankfurt. In addition, there is of course a noble restaurant and a lounge in the Main Tower (website). This is where Frankfurt’s banking community likes to gather in the evening.

The view from the terrace of Galeria Kaufhof to the Hauptwache and the skyline
The view from the terrace of Galeria Kaufhof to the Hauptwache and the skyline- a beautiful place to visit!

Frankfurt’s 5 highest buildings:

  • Europaturm (337.5 meters)
  • Commerzbank Tower (259 meters)
  • Messeturm (256.5 meters)
  • Westendstraße 1 (208 meters)
  • Main Tower (200 meters)

In addition, Frankfurt is home to Germany’s second-highest television tower, the 337.5-meter-high Europaturm. Incidentally, the highest television tower in the republic is in Berlin at 368 meters. The Europaturm is also called “Ginnheimer Spargel” by the people of Frankfurt and used to be open to the public. There was a viewing platform and parties at a height of 227 meters. Since 1999, the Europaturm has unfortunately been closed to the public.

Tip: You can get a great view of the Frankfurt skyline from the Eiserner Steg, for example. Built in 1868, the footbridge – which is a top sight in its own right – is a must-see for every visitor to Frankfurt. By the way, the red sightseeing double-decker buses are also available in Frankfurt. You can book your ticket here*.

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4. Kaiserdom St. Bartholomäus 

View of the imperial cathedral St. Bartholomäus
The imperial cathedral is the most famous church in the city- an unusual thing to do in Frankfurt!
Inside the imperial cathedral is extremely simple yet a beautiful place to go
Im Inneren ist der Kaiserdom äußerst schlicht

The Kaiserdom St. Bartholomäus (Imperial cathedral of St. Bartholomew) (also known as “Kaiserdom zu Frankfurt am Main“; Website) catches the eye from afar and is another top sight in the city. The west tower rises 95 meters into the sky and is a stark contrast to the modern skyscrapers in the city.

The sacred building, incidentally the largest in Frankfurt, is densely surrounded by buildings. The best view of the church, which was heavily destroyed during World War II, is therefore from further away, such as from the banks of the Main River.

Surprisingly, the interior of the Kaiserdom is very plain. From other churches of this size, one is used to something else – but this is what makes the Kaiserdom unique again.

Especially historically, the imperial cathedral is extremely exciting. The imperial cathedral was once the election and coronation church of the Roman-German emperors. Incidentally, the name Kaiserdom is misleading: despite its imposing appearance, the Kaiserdom was never a cathedral in the ecclesiastical sense, but a collegiate church.

Those interested in church art: A highlight in the cathedral is the painting “Lamentation of Christ” by Antonius van Dyck from 1627.

Tip: From the cathedral tower (website) you have a unique view of Frankfurt and the many sights of the city. By the way, 328 steps lead up to the 66-meter-high observation deck.

5. The Hauptwache

The Hauptwache is one of the top things to do in Frankfurt
The Hauptwache is used as a café today

The Hauptwache (main guard) is located in the heart of the city. The square can be easily reached by subway and S-Bahn. Giving the square its name is the Hauptwache, a baroque building on the square. The Hauptwache was built from 1729 to 1730 and served at that time as the seat of the city militia and as a prison.

From 1905, the Hauptwache was used as a café (website) – which it still is today. During the Second World War, however, the building was destroyed and initially rebuilt in a simplified form until 1954. In 1968, the Hauptwache was finally rebuilt true to the original.

A branch of Wackers Kaffee
Wackers Kaffee is a cult in Frankfurt
The view of the Hauptwache and the skyline from the terrace of Galeria Kaufhof
The view from the terrace of Galeria Kaufhof to the Hauptwache and the skyline- a wonderful thing to do in Frankfurt!

If you like, start your city trip through Frankfurt here with a delicious cappuccino and a piece of Frankfurter Kranz (a typical cake from Frankfurt).

Tip: Be sure to stop at Wacker’s Kaffee (website) nearby at Kornmarkt 11. Wacker’s Kaffee has been around since 1914, and the long line in front of the traditional café speaks volumes. The roof terrace of Galeria Kaufhof on the Zeil is also very worthwhile. Up here you can drink a coffee while gazing at the Frankfurt skyline.

6. The Zeil

The funnel in the shopping center MyZeil
The shopping center MyZeil is one of the architectural highlights of the Main metropolis- an amazing thing to do in Frankfurt!

The Zeil is Frankfurt’s main shopping street and, of course, one of the top attractions for all shopaholics. One of the highlights is the huge shopping center MyZeil (Website). The building can be recognized for its interesting architecture with the funnel-shaped glass construction.

View from the escalator into MyZeil
What to do there? Be sure to take the escalator to the top floor of the shopping center

Even if you didn’t come to Frankfurt to store, you should check out MyZeil and definitely take the escalator to the top. The forever-long escalator (at 42 meters, one of the longest in Europe) goes right to the roof – and you don’t have to change the escalator.

During the ride, you get a nice view of the glass cylinder inside. At the top, you can look at the Zeil from above.

7. Kleinmarkthalle

View into the Kleinmarkthalle from above
The Kleinmarkthalle in Frankfurt is very busy

From the shopping center MyZeil, it is not far to the Kleinmarkthalle Frankfurt (small market hall Frankfurt)(Website), another great sight. Here, at the latest, you’ll get something tasty in your stomach. In the Kleinmarkthalle, almost 160 stalls tempt you with fresh food. But also, flowers and seeds are offered.

On the gallery on the second floor, there are more small stores. From up here you also have a great view of the hustle and bustle in the hall and small panels tell the history of the Kleinmarkthalle, which has been around since the 19th century and takes you back to a time long gone.

At a small stand called Tsirona’s Delicatessen, I buy crispy baked focaccia with olives, feta cheese, and arugula – very tasty indeed. If you like cheesecake, you definitely have to go to Kuchenseppel at the main entrance in Hasengasse. The small stand has a few chocolates to choose from and extremely tasty cheesecakes.

Display in the Kleinmarkthalle
In the Kleinmarkthalle everyone finds something- it’s a really cool thing to do in Frankfurt!

But these are only two examples of what awaits you in the Kleinmarkthalle. Gourmets will get their money’s worth here.

8. Sachsenhausen

Alley in Frankfurt Sachsenhausen
Sachsenhausen is one of Frankfurt’s most beautiful neighborhoods and definitely a top thing to see
House facades in Sachsenhausen
The contrast to the glass palaces in the banking district could not be greater. It’s a top thing to do in Frankfurt!

A “trip” to Sachsenhausen is a must-do! The district has been part of Frankfurt since the Middle Ages and is connected to the old town by bridges that cross the Main River. Sachsenhausen is also a popular destination for Frankfurt residents – after all, a large part of Frankfurt’s city forest belongs to Sachsenhausen.

In Alt-Sachsenhausen you walk through narrow streets lined with beautiful half-timbered houses. Sachsenhausen is especially known for its apple wine taverns. In addition, you will find numerous cafés, bars, and restaurants in Sachsenhausen in a rustic setting. In the evening and especially on weekends, the many bars, cafes, and pubs are a hive of activity.

An absolutely worth seeing highlight in Sachsenhausen is the Wallstraße, which together with the Brückenstraße, Schulstraße, and Schifferstraße forms the beautiful Brückenviertel (square of bridges). Here you will find many small stores and boutiques for shopping.

We end up at No.2 Records (Wallstraße 15; Website), for example – a wacky store for used records, CDs, and DVDs. Even those who prefer to listen to music via smartphone will get their money’s worth here. It’s worth a look! By the way, we bought six DVDs – with movies, some of which we have never heard of. This is also part of a city stroll through Frankfurt.

Records in the record store
Music fans get their money’s worth at No. 2 Records
Used DVDs
What’s in the store to do? You can buy records, CDs, and DVDs, as we did!

Only a few meters away is the beautiful Markt im Hof (market in the courtyard) (Wallstraße 9-13; Website). This is where the people of Frankfurt gather on Saturdays (10 a.m. to 6 p.m.) to enjoy delicious burgers or delicacies from Ethiopia, Vietnam, France, or India, and to sip cider. You definitely have to plan some time here and try your way through the stalls. The atmosphere is very chilled and pleasant.

The market in the courtyard in Sachsenhausen
The market in the courtyard is a highlight in Sachsenhausen- one of the best places to be in Frankfurt!
Street food carts
The Markt im Hof offers delicious street food- eating here is a fun thing to do!
A Halloumi Burger
I test a Halloumi Burger – vegetarian and very tasty!
A Cider - tipical for Frankfurt
Also, a few ciders should not be missing on a trip to Frankfurt

Tip 1: Very close to Wallstraße – in Abtsgäßchen 8 – is Ebbelwoi Unser (Website). As the name suggests, they serve Ebbelwoi (apple wine). The rustic restaurant is a classic in Frankfurt.

Tip 2: The Deutschherrnbrücke connects the area around the European Central Bank (ECB) with the Deutschherrnviertel (Sachsenhausen-Nord). The Deutschherrnbrücke is shared by pedestrians and trains and is a highlight in itself. From the middle of the bridge you have a great view of the ECB skyscraper, but also of the Frankfurt skyline. In addition, the city fathers have come up with something very special. If you walk across the Deutschherrn Bridge, you will notice a deep humming sound. The deep sound comes from two giant spheres that act as loudspeakers and use resonance tubes to reproduce ambient sounds and bridge vibrations. The sound installation was created by artists Sam Auinger and Bruce Odland.

View across the Main River to the Frankfurt skyline
What to see from the Deutschherrnbrücke? You have a beautiful view of the city skyline
Sound installation on the Deutschherrnbrücke
Is it humming in your ear? This is this sound installation. It’s a really cool sight!

9. Eiserne Steg

The Eiserne Steg (Iron Footbridge) is also one of the top things to do in Frankfurt. By the way, the Eiserne Steg is not far from Wallstraße in Sachsenhausen. From the Eiserner Steg, you have a great view of the skyline.

The iron footbridge in front of the Frankfurt skyline
The iron footbridge in front of the Frankfurt skyline

The iron footbridge was originally built in 1868 but was blown up in the turmoil of World War II. After the war, the Iron Footbridge, which connects the Old Town with Sachsenhausen, was rebuilt.

Love locks at the Eiserner Steg
Love locks at the Eiserner Steg

Tip: Frankfurt is also great to explore from the water on a fun sightseeing boat trip (book here*).

10. Museumsufer

The Museumsufer (museum embankment) (Website) is a top activity for all culture-loving visitors to Frankfurt. Museum after museum line up along the Museumsufer – 15 in all.

View of the Städel Museum
The Städel Museum is one of the coolest things to do in Frankfurt for art fans

This makes Frankfurt’s Museumsufer one of the most important museum locations in Germany. The name, by the way, is a bit confusing, because not every one of the museums is located directly on the banks of the Main River – but at least in the immediate vicinity.

The top highlight is certainly the Städel Museum (“Städelsche Kunstinstitut und Städtische Galerie”; Website), founded in 1815 – one of the most important German art museums. In the Städel Museum, you can admire about 3,100 paintings from the Middle Ages to modern times and the present. In addition, the art collection includes about 660 sculptures, over 4,600 photographs, and over 100,000 drawings and graphics.

Visitors in front of a painting in the Städel Museum
Anyone taking a closer look at the museum should bring plenty of time for the works of art – Photo: Marc Jaquemin
A light installation in the Städel Museum
A light installation in the Städel Museum – Photo: Städel Museum

The 9 museums on the south side of the Main River at the “Schaumainkai” between the Eisernem Steg and the Friedensbrücke (Peace Bridge)

The 5 museums on the north side of the Main in the Old Town

Since 2006, the exhibition hall Neuer Portikus (contemporary art) is located on the Main Island at the Old Bridge.

In addition to the 15 museums mentioned here, there are several other exciting museums in Frankfurt, such as the Institute for City History, the Caricatura Museum Frankfurt, the Stoltze Museum, the Bibelhaus Erlebnis Museum, the Struwwelpeter Museum, the Fotografie Forum Frankfurt, and the Romanticism Museum

The Junge Museum Frankfurt is specially designed for children and shows exhibitions for young audiences.

The Museumsufer with all the exhibitions is of course not manageable in one day. If you are interested in art, culture, and history, you can easily spend a few days here. The Museumsufer is also a top tip for gray rainy days.

11. Goethe Haus

A room in the Goethe House
The Goethe House is a fun thing to do in Frankfurt – not only for culture fans

Even if you’re not that interested in history or don’t have much time, you should at least visit Frankfurt’s Goethe-Haus (Goethe House) (website). As the name suggests: Johann Wolfgang Goethe was born in the house on August 28, 1749 ” at the stroke of the twelfth bell.”

A room with paintings in the Goethe House
It is simply fun to stroll through the old rooms

In addition to a museum with numerous paintings, the house where the poet was born is particularly interesting. The building itself was destroyed during the war but was rebuilt. The interior furnishings were previously brought to safety – a great look into the past.

The best way to explore the Goethe House and other museums and sights is with the Frankfurt Card* (incl. the use of buses and trains).

12. Berger Straße – the foodie paradise

Street sign in Berger Straße
Berger Strasse is a paradise for foodies- a really cool thing to do in Frankfurt!

At just under three kilometers, Berger Strasse is Frankfurt’s longest shopping street – and a foodie paradise. The lower Berger Strasse near the old town around Merianplatz is known for its many cafés like “Mellow Yellow,” bars like “Antony’s Bar” and small boutiques.

Also in the middle part of the shopping street, you will find countless cozy cafes, bars, restaurants like the “tischlein deck dich” and funky street food places like the burger joint “Traumkuh”.

In the upper part of Berger Straße (i.e. out of town), there are numerous original bars like the “Chaplin Bar-Lounge”, cider taverns like “Apfelwein Solzer” (cult!) and good restaurants like the “Mancini eat smart”.

If you want to eat your way through all the culinary delights of this world, you should take a detour to Berger Straße.

Tip: You must not leave Frankfurt without having drunk an Äppelwoi and having tested the Grüne Soße (green sauce). The Grüne Soße is really green and is prepared with seven fresh herbs. Unfortunately, the green sauce also has a good portion of calories. As green, as it may be, it does have quite a bit of fat in it. But it doesn’t matter, because the taste is simply delicious.

13. Mainufer, Weseler Werft & Ruhrorter Werft

The EZB skyscraper on the Mainufer
The EZB skyscraper on the Mainufer. It’s one of the best things to see in Frankfurt!

Another great sight in Frankfurt that you can’t miss is the Mainufer. When the weather is nice, families and couples stroll here, joggers run and dogs run around. The city has made the Mainufer really nice.

You can walk along the river promenade toward the high-rise building of the European Zentralbank (EZB) (European Central Bank). The EZB skyscraper stands like a foreign body a bit outside the old town and yet has a very special charm.

On the way to the EZB Tower, you will pass the Weseler Werft. The former shipyard is now used as a festival site (Website). The highlight – also for photographers – are the listed harbor cranes on the Main.

An old crane in the Wesel shipyard
An old crane in the Wesel shipyard

Also very nicely located is the Oosten – Realwirtschaft at Mayfarthstraße 4 (website; by the way, one of the nicest rooftop bars in Frankfurt) right next to the EZB Tower at the Ruhrorter Werft. Just the right place to take a break after a long sightseeing trip. There are chairs and tables on the promenade in the sun. The covered terrace on the second floor is also built on one of the two refurbished loading cranes.

The Ruhrort shipyard on the banks of the Main
A highlight on the banks of the Main is the Ruhrorter Werft shipyard. Today it houses a café. It’s a cool thing to do in Frankfurt!

The Ruhrorter Werft was built in 1910 as part of the eastern harbor and operated until the 1980s. At one time, there were 13 large cranes in the shipyard. Today, two cranes of the former shipyard have been restored.

14. EZB Turm & Memorial at Grossmarkthalle

The memorial at the Grossmarkthalle with the EZB Tower
The memorial site at the Grossmarkthalle. In the background, you can see the EZB-Hochhaus. It’s a top thing to do in Frankfurt!
An inscription at the memorial Großmarkthalle
The inscriptions are depressing

If you’re already in the area: Directly at the futuristic EZB Turm (skyscraper) is the Großmarkthalle memorial (website). The memorial commemorates the deportation of more than 10,000 Frankfurt Jews.

Lettering in the floor gives you goosebumps. The ramp leading into the basement of the Grossmarkthalle, enclosed by thick concrete walls, is particularly oppressive. You can’t enter the ramp – it can only be viewed through a thick pane of glass.

15. Bahnhofsviertel

Frankfurt's main train station
The main station is the heart of the station district
The view from the Bahnhofsviertel to the Skyper skyscraper and the Main Tower
The view from the notorious Bahnhofsviertel to the Skyper skyscraper and the Main Tower is a wonderful thing to do in Frankfurt!

In some streets of Frankfurt’s Bahnhofsviertel (station quarter) around the main station you need very strong nerves. Shady characters and dealers lurk on many corners. Frankfurt’s Bahnhofsviertel has been a social hotspot for years and is therefore not a classic must-see attraction. Even as a Berliner – and I’m really used to a lot – I had a bad feeling about the area. But of course there are many exciting photo motifs here.

Otherwise, the Bahnhofsviertel is known for its many international restaurants, bars and hip clubs – and of course for the red light district. The Bahnhofsviertel will probably never get rid of its bad reputation. But the change of the last years is noticeable.

Even the New York Times devoted an article to the red light district in 2016 (Frankfurt’s Rough Red Light District Becomes Cool). And: in 2014, the New York Times included Frankfurt as the only city in Germany in its ranking of the “50 most worth seeing places in the world“.

Very popular and firmly established for years is the annual Bahnhofsviertel Night (Website). Around 50,000 visitors now come to the event with dance and music.

A special highlight is also the red-light tour “Sex in the City” designed especially for women. The ladies (and only ladies) are guided through the red light milieu and learn exciting stories from strippers and dominas. Dates can be found here on the Website of photographer Ulrich Mattner.

guitars in the CREAM-music music house
CREAM-music musikhouse was very important in the Bahnhofsviertel – it now moved
A Spiderman figure on a house facade
What’s to see in Frankfurt’s Bahnhofsviertel? You can see this Spiderman on one of the facades

Also worth seeing is the English Theatre (website). After Vienna’s English Theatre and the English Theatre of Hamburg, it is the third oldest and even the largest English-speaking theater on the European mainland. The adjoining cocktail bar is also popular.

Tip: In Taunusstraße in the middle of the Bahnhofsviertel was for 113 years the “CREAM-music Musikhaus” (website) – once even Elvis Presley bought a guitar here. The store moved to Sachsenhausen in 2016 due to the tense social situation in the area (keyword drug crime) and can now be found at Seehofstraße 6. At Taunusstraße 34, you’ll find a Spiderman figure on a red running house for it. In total, there are seven of these figures hidden all over Frankfurt.

16. Alte Oper

The Old Frankfurt Opera in the evening light
The Frankfurt Opera House is an architectural highlight in Frankfurt- really a top thing to do there!

The Alte Oper (old opera house) (Website) should especially please architecture and culture fans. The Opera Square with the Old Opera House and the Lucae Fountain is fantastically beautiful and is definitely one of Frankfurt’s top sights.

The Alte Oper is a former opera house that is now used as a concert and event venue. Concerts, performances, congresses and guest performances are regularly held in the building.

17. Eschenheimer Turm

The Eschenheimer Tower in the evening
The Eschenheimer Turm is located near the Hauptwache and is a really worthwhile thing to do in Frankfurt – Photo: Depositphotos by Madrabothair

The Eschenheimer Turm (Eschenheim Tower) near the Hauptwache dates back to the 15th century and is Frankfurt’s oldest skyscraper at 47 meters – and definitely worth a detour. The Eschenheimer Turm was once a city gate of the late medieval city fortifications and is now one of the city’s landmarks.

In addition, the Eschenheimer Turm is the oldest preserved building in Frankfurt’s city center. Today, you’ll find a nice café-restaurant (Website) in the Eschenheimer Turm with comfortable lounge furniture outside. If you want to go to the toilet, you have to climb a spiral staircase to the second floor of the tower – a real highlight.

Nearby is the Bar ohne Namen (Eschenheimer Tor 3) – a cool thing to do in Frankfurt. Officially, the bar is called “Good Times for Good People” but all Frankfurt residents who know it just call it Bar ohne Namen. DJs play here regularly, there are good drinks and in summer there is a street party atmosphere. In winter, it’s cozy inside.

Good to know: Not far away, at Stiftstraße 36, Rosemarie Nitribitt was found dead in her apartment on November 1, 1957, with a laceration on her head and strangulation marks on her neck. The murder of the city-famous high-class prostitute, who had access to the highest business circles, was never solved. The rumor that the perpetrator was simply not allowed to be found persists to this day. And this theory is not that improbable.

18. Fleming’s Deluxe Hotel with Skybar

The paternoster at Fleming's Hotel
The ride with the paternoster is a little highlight and a fun thing to do in Frankfurt!
View of Frankfurt from Fleming's Hotel
The view of Frankfurt from Fleming’s Hotel

Directly opposite the Eschenheimer Turm is the Flemings Deluxe Hotel (check rates here*). The 5-star hotel entices with furnishings from a bygone era.

If you like, take the historic paternoster up to the top floor to the Skyline Bar of LugInsLand (Website). From up here, you have a breathtaking panoramic view of Frankfurt. Fleming’s is a great sight that definitely not every visitor to Frankfurt has on their radar.

19. The Frankfurt Zoo

Two flamingos at Frankfurt Zoo
Two flamingos at the Frankfurt Zoo

The Frankfurt Zoo was opened in 1858 and is the second oldest zoo in Germany after the Zoological Garden in Berlin. To be honest, we are not big zoo fans.

But at least the Frankfurt Zoo (website) has the motto “Experience animals – preserve nature” written on its sails. The zoo is home to many endangered species, such as the Asiatic lion. Thus, the Frankfurt Zoo actively contributes to the conservation of these endangered species. Because of this, it’s a cool thing to do!

20. Palmengarten

A globe in Frankfurt's Palmengarten
Countless palms and orchids grow in the Palmengarten. A visit here is a wonderful thing to do in Frankfurt – Photo: Depositphotos by draskovic

With the Palmengarten (palm garden) (Website) – one of three botanical gardens in Frankfurt – we close our list of top sights in Frankfurt. The Palmengarten – a top tip for rainy days, by the way – was created back in the 19th century (opened in 1871) and houses countless palms and orchids in large greenhouses.

The palm garden is really huge (22 ha) and one of the largest botanical gardens in Germany.

On the boat pond, you can rent a pedal boat or rowboat in the summer (Website) and sail across the beautiful pond. The pond west of the Palm House belongs to the historic part of the park. Many species of fish and water birds live here. Incidentally, visitors used to be able to take a gondola across the pond.

With the Frankfurt Card* (including use of buses and trains), you get discounted admission to many sights.

Tip: Just north of the Palmengarten in Grüneburgpark you will find a large nudist meadow.

The best rooftop bars in Frankfurt

A city with so many skyscrapers surely has some cool rooftop bars, right? Of course! In Frankfurt there are many chic bars from which you have a great view.

One thing must be clear: Frankfurt is not a cheap city – and for the beautiful view you always pay a hefty premium. So, money shouldn’t be a big issue that evening when you treat yourself to a few drinks in a hip rooftop bar. And now here are our top rooftop bars in Frankfurt:

Where to stay in Frankfurt – our very special hotel tips

Of course, we also have some very special hotel tips for an unforgettable Frankfurt trip for you. The 5-star Hotel Rocco Forte Villa Kennedy (check rates here*) is housed in a historic villa and impresses with pure luxury.

The 4-star Lindner Hotel & Residence Main Plaza (check prices here*) in Sachsenhausen is also highly recommended and enchants with a great view of the skyline.

At the 3-star Hotel Villa Florentina (check prices here*), you can immerse yourself in a bygone era thanks to the hotel’s unique flair.

You can stay cheaply and well at the B&B Hotel Frankfurt City-Ost (check prices here*). The hotel is quite centrally located and the rooms are comparatively cheap. A good alternative for all party people is the Haus der Jugend (check prices here*) in Sachsenhausen.

I hope my sights in Frankfurt have also made you want to visit the city, which is also called Mainhattan, due to its impressive skyline. I liked Frankfurt very much and I would go there again for a city trip.

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