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Things to do in Ibiza: 13 beautiful places you must see

These are the must-do sights in Ibiza. Today I'll take you on a tour of the island and show you the highlights and most beautiful places to go on the Balearic island. Spain is always beautiful anyway. But Ibiza is surprising.

In addition to Ibiza Town, the famous hippie markets and beautiful beaches, the relevant beach clubs, and cafes, the island has enchanted us with a beautiful landscape. We now show you our favorite places on the island.

Updated on 05.03.2023
Die Reiseblogger Biggi Bauer und Florian Westermann

Ibiza’s top 13 sights at a glance

Sunset on Ibiza
Sunset in Ibiza – dreamlike, isn’t it?

1. Mirador del Savinar

The Mirador del Savinar is THE sunset spot. You’re not just looking at the setting fireball here but at the island of Es Vedrà. The Mirador is a top sightseeing in Ibiza and an absolute highlight.

The Mirador del Savinar
The Mirador del Savinar. Here you will definitely enjoy the sunset

From the viewpoint, you can climb up to the pirate tower. The old fortified tower is also called Torre del Savinar or Torre del Pirata. From up here, the view is even more beautiful. We experienced an incredibly beautiful sunset at the Mirador del Savinar.

By the way, there are some legends around Es Vedrà. Some believe that this uninhabited island is part of the sunken city of Atlantis. Supposedly, a few goats still live on the rocky islet. By the way, you can make excursions around the island by boat.

The Mirador del Savinar is a top sightseeing spot
Flo shooting at the most popular spot on the island. A visit here is an amazing thing to do in Ibiza!

2. Santa Eulària

What else to see in Ibiza? Santa Eulària (Google Maps) is a beautiful, small, historic town that you must visit. The town consists of white cottages and is picturesquely beautiful. The church is perched on the hill of the town.

In 1276 Santa Eulària was mentioned for the first time. Already in the 15th century, it’s known that there was a chapel here. However, this was damaged during a Turkish attack. At that time the town had a huge city wall. Cannons were used to watch over the mills that stood up here.

On the Puig de Missa, the church of Santa Eulària has been located for over 500 years. Here, all roads lead to the church. From here, you have a great view of the village and the surrounding mills. The place is a real attraction.

The ethnographic museum is also worth seeing. It was opened in 1994. The old country house has been preserved in such a way that the visitor can go back in time to the 17th century.

The white city and the church in Santa Euralia
The white city and the church in Santa Euralia is a great thing to do in Ibiza

Recommended travel guides for Ibiza

Exploring Ibiza on your own is really a lot of fun. Maybe you need some beach reading, or want to get in the mood for your vacation? We can definitely recommend the Lonely Planet Pocket Ibiza (get it here*). You should also get a look at DK Eyewitness Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza (buy it here*).

Flamingos in the Ses Salinas Ibiza Natural Park

Where to visit a place where you can find flamingos? Yes, you read that right. In the Ses Salinas Ibiza Natural Park you can visit flamingos. We were on the island in May and got to see these beautiful animals in all their glory. They are on the island year-round and an absolute attraction, as long as you have a telephoto lens.

You can also learn about salt production at a museum, La Salinera de Ibiza. And of course, at the salt works, there is also a café where you can buy salt.

The best spot to see flamingos is here: (Google Maps).

Here at the Ses Salinas, you can see the flamingos
Here at the Ses Salinas, you can see the flamingos. It’s an unusual thing to do!

4. Ibiza Town (Eivissa)

What else is to see in Ibiza? Ibiza Town, Eivissa in Catalan, is beautiful and worth a half-day trip. The old town is part of Ibiza’s UNESCO World Heritage Site . and is one of the best things to see on the Island. Walk along the long city wall, visit the gorgeous little streets, go to the Catedral Santa Maria de la Nieves, look around at the Portal de ses Taules, enjoy an Aperol Spritz, and visit the beautiful viewpoints.

The old town of Eivissa is really worth seeing. Plan about half a day to a day here.

The church on the mountain
The church towers above the town is a cool thing to do

5. Phoenician settlement of Sa Caleta

At Sa Caleta, you will find an impressive UNESCO World Heritage Site. Namely the Phoenician settlement of Sa Caleta. This area has been protected since 1999 and is an archaeological valuable asset. The settlement is the cultural highlight of Ibiza.

By the sea, you walk here through ancient remains and ruins. Some of the walls are said to date back to the 7th. century BC. Adresse: Diseminado Sa Caleta, 07818 Sant Josep de sa Talaia (Google Maps)

6. Stalactite Cave Cova de Can Marçà

Stalactite caves on the Balearic Islands are not rare. In Mallorca we have been able to discover beautiful caves. Also in Ibiza, there are some caves. Like the stalactite cave Cova de Can Marçà in Puerto de San Miguel. A visit here is a fantastic thing to do!

The cave is over 100,000 years old, which makes it a top place to see. In the past, it served as a storage place for smugglers. Inside, you’ll be amazed. The illuminated stalagmites and stalactites look awesome. During a guided tour you will learn a lot about the cave. There is also a man-made waterfall on site.

During the tour, we learned that due to the preservative climate that prevails in the cave, bones, and fossils of long-extinct animals have been found. So the cave is a great sight you shouldn’t miss.

7. Hippie Market

If you’re in Ibiza, be sure to stop at one of the hippie markets. Even though the markets today are not what they used to be, there is still a lot of peace flair and good vibes. Especially the products of the alternative artists are really nice.

The hippie markets are a great shopping experience in Ibiza. Well-known are the market Punta Arabi on Wednesday in Es Canar and the market Las Dalias on Saturday in San Carlos. From June to September there is also a night market in San Carlos, which is a fun thing to do in Ibiza.

Our Tip: After the hippie market in Punta Arabi, enjoy a beer at the beach Playa Cala Martina. Adress: Avinguda Punta Arabí, 07840 es Canar (Google Maps)

8. Torre d’en Rovira

A very nice sunset spot is the Torre d’en Rovira in Sant Josep de sa Talaia. The defense tower is said to date back to the 18th century. At that time it was possible to watch the entrance to the bay of Portmany and the Ponent Islands

Today, the tower has gained even more fame, being featured in the Netflix series White Lines. . The area is very popular. You can take a nice, easy walk from Cala Comte along the coast towards it- a cool thing to do!

From the tower, you can see the islands of Illa Sa Conillera und Illa des Bosc.

9. Secret place: Puertas Can Soleil

Near the beach Can Soleil, there is a cool thing to do that looks like Stonehenge. The work of art is called Time and Space by Andrew Rogers. There is also the Puertas Can SoleilGates that stand in the void. Strange place but great to take photos.

10. Platges de Comte

Platges de Comte beach is perfect for a sunrise shoot. Here you will find beautiful fishing huts on the water. It’s worth being here very early. This place is very popular for photo shoots and is an amazing thing to do in Ibiza.

11. Torre de Campanitx

It’s worth exploring the Torre de Campanitxwhich is a great thing to see. Its other name is Torre den Valls. It’s one of the oldest and, as you can see, best-preserved watchtowers in Ibiza. The towers, built on the corner pillars of the island, were used to quickly see the pirates that threatened Ibiza. A visit here is a great thing to do in Ibiza!

Now, if you are also interested in celebrity stories, you can look from the Torre de Campanitx to the Tagomago Island. It belongs to the Hamburg real estate entrepreneur Matthias Kühn. He made his island Tagomago available to the Spanish actress Norma Duval in 2010. They got married. His villa, a building in modern Ibizan style, looks great. The island can be rented for a measly 20,000 euros per night.

Address: 07840 Santa Eulària des Riu (Google Maps)

12. Sa Talaia – View of the island

What else to do in Ibiza? The next activity is also a cool thing to do! Sa Talaia is 475 meters high, making it the highest mountain in Ibiza. Moreover, it’s also the fifth highest of the Balearic Islands. It rises in the south of the island, more precisely in the municipality of San José.

From its top, you have a magnificent panoramic view of the whole island. You can see from San Antoni to Ibiza Town. Also, hikers will enjoy the view.

13.Excursion to Formentera

Formentera is the second smallest island of the Balearic Islands and is a top tourist attraction. Turquoise blue water, long sandy beaches, and beautiful pine forests. This is Formentera. No wonder the island is also called the little Caribbean.

You can easily get there by boat from Ibiza for a day trip. All information about booking can be found on the Website of the ferry company.

In the morning the boat leaves every hour. From 10 o’clock every half hour. The last ferry goes back around 11 pm. But always check the current notice on site. It can change quickly.

Formentera is worth a trip
Formentera is a fantastic thing to do in Ibiza

Insider tip: Atlantis Bay

Atlantis on Ibiza is the beautiful name for Sa Pedrera. The bay is an absolute secret place. You can’t get there very easily. Unless you have a boat or good shoes in your beach bag. The hidden cove is located in the Cala d’Hort Natural Park.

From above, this bathing pool looks like a flooded old temple. However, it’s a quarry from the 16th century. At that time Ibiza was plagued by pirate attacks. Large stones were needed to reinforce the fortress. These were mined in this place, which is so enchanted today.

It’s easier to reach the bay by boat. On foot, a path leads down from the parking lot. With good shoes, you can make it in half an hour.

Atlantis on Ibiza is a great thing to do
Atlantis in Ibiza is not only an enchanted place but used to be a place of power for hippies Source: depositphotos martinscphoto

Boat rental Star Boats

The boar rental Star Boats near Sant Antoni de Portmany is not beautiful, even less so are the boats. However, everyone is allowed to drive without a boat license which makes it a top thing to do in Ibiza. With the boat, you can explore the bay of Sanr Antoni. Lonely sandy bays are guaranteed.

Per day the boat, on which five people fit, costs 300 euros. The half-day costs 180 euros (Website).

Address: Playa Es Pouet, 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany (Google Maps)

The most beautiful beaches in Ibiza

One of the most beautiful beaches in Ibiza - Cala Bassa
One of the most beautiful places to visit in Ibiza – the Cala Bassa beach

In our article about the most beautiful beaches of Ibiza we have summarized all beaches with important information. Here is just a short list of the most beautiful beaches.

Where to stay in Ibiza

In Ibiza, you can find great hotels everywhere. If you feel like a beach vacation, we recommend a hotel at Playa Tlamanca. The OD Talamanca (check rates here*) is right on the beach. The outdoor pool is also great. Directly at the famous town of Santa Eularia you will find the luxury design hotel Aguas de Ibiza Grand Luxe Hotel (check prices here*). The wellness area is great. It includes an outdoor pool.

The 3-star Hotel Cartago – All Inclusive (check rates here*) is in Port de San Miguel, also on a beautiful sandy beach. The hotel has a fitness area, sauna area, and spa.

We slept in the Marina Palace Prestige. Here you have a great hotel complex with a pool in the bay of San Antonio. Right next door is the Aparthotel Nereida (check prices here*). From here we were very centrally located for our explorations.

Well-known beach clubs and discos

We have summarized which are best places for a bachelor party in another article. Nevertheless, the well-known beach clubs should not be missing in our sightseeing article. So here come the party clubs of the rich and famous.

The most famous beach club: Marlin
What else is in Ibiza to do? Relax for a few hours at the most famous beach club: Blue Marlin
Experimental Beach is also a great place to hang out
Experimental Beach is also a great place to hang out

Of course, you can’t forget about partying in Ibiza. We have here the best clubs and discos for you.

Restaurants and bars in Ibiza

Balearic cuisine is varied and delicious. Traditional are for example the fish dishes Bullit de Peix or Arroz a la Banda. The octopus, frità de pulpo, is also popular. As well as dishes with lamb

Facts about Ibiza

I hope you enjoyed our island tour of Ibiza. Have you ever been to the Balearic island? Have we forgotten any sights?

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