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Cool things to do in Munich: 20 beautiful places you must see [with map]

Munich is one of the most gorgeous cities in Germany with great sights. We show you our top sights from Bavaria's capital. Don't be surprised, the people of Munich also often like to call their city Minga (a Bavarian term). Or MUC, like the name of the airport of Munich.

With 1.5 million people, Munich is the most populous city in Bavaria. Of course, many more people live in the surrounding area, in the administrative district. In addition, Munich is one of the international cities. And if you take a look at our sightseeing places, you will quickly realize why.

We will now take you to our city, where we have lived for almost a decade and show you the most beautiful sights.

Updated on 05.03.2023
Die Reiseblogger Biggi Bauer und Florian Westermann

Munich’s top 20 sights at a glance

Munich is the most beautiful city in Bavaria – at least in our eyes. This is not only due to the great sights and attractions that you can experience on a sightseeing trip through Munich. We show you the most beautiful highlights at a glance.

The view of the Munich Frauenkirche from the city hall tower
The view of the Munich Frauenkirche from the city hall tower – it’s worth climbing up
  1. Marienplatz
  2. New City Hall with Glockenspiel
  3. Viktualienmarkt
  4. Church of Our Lady
  5. Residence
  6. Old Peter
  7. English Garden
  8. Hofbräuhaus
  9. Olympic Park
  10. Nymphenburg Castle
  11. Siegestor and the Leopoldstrasse
  12. Deutsches Museum
  13. Court Garden
  14. Odeonsplatz
  15. Bavarian Parliament – Maximilianeum
  16. Pinakothek of Modern Art
  17. Brandhorst Museum
  18. Bavarian State Opera
  19. BMW World
  20. Bavaria Film City

It’s best to plan a weekend for your visit and a short trip to Munich. But even in one day, you can easily see the first five sights.

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Map: All sights to see in Munich

In our interactive map, you can find all the important sights in Munich at a glance on the city map. Have fun discovering the best places and most beautiful spots of the Bavarian capital. Take a tour with us.

[mapsmarker map=”271″]

1. Marienplatz

Der Blick auf Marienplatz und das Münchner RathausWhen the carillon plays in the city hall at noon, it gets even more crowded on Marienplatz than usual
Fischbrunnen in MünchenThe fish fountain in Munich is a central meeting point in the city center
U-Bahn MarienplatzThe subway station at Marienplatz is a top thing to see

Marienplatz is definitely the center of Munich, for us one of the most beautiful cities in Germany by the way. Starting in 1315, Munich gained market freedom thanks to Emperor Ludwig the Bavarian. Since then, life took place there.

Everything that was needed for life was sold at the markets. Fish was sold at the fish fountain, which is now a popular meeting place for Munich residents. Not only the market took place in the center, but also executions or jousting tournaments. Today, Marienplatz is a pedestrian zone and in winter a Christmas market is held here. Marienplatz is THE main attraction in Munich.

Worthwhile in any city is a guided tour with a guide (book here city tour*).

2. New city hall with the famous carillon

View of Munich City Hall
What’s to see at Munich City Hall? In the tower, for example, are the figures that rotate to the music
View of the dancing figures of the carillon at the Munich City Hall
The famous carillon at Marienplatz sounds on the hour. Then the figures dance

At the latest daily at 11 o’clock and at 12 o’clock it becomes difficult to cross the Marienplatz in front of the New City Hall. Because then a well-known sight takes place: the famous carillon in the town hall tower. Tourists, but also Munich residents who just walk past it, always find themselves in the square and admire the ancient spectacle. It’s definitely a must-see in Munich.

In the tower, old figures begin to turn to the music of the carillon. A peasant dance takes place. The figures are mechanically constructed. From March to October, the figures also rotate at 5 pm.

The New Town Hall is now the seat of the Lord Mayor and was built in a neo-Gothic style. When FC Bayern Munich wins the Bundesliga championship, the players step out onto the Town Hall balcony to be celebrated by their fans. The council chamber is especially beautiful. You can also enjoy a hearty meal there.

Blick auf die Frauenkirche vom Münchner Rathausturm ausThe view of the Church of Our Lady from the Town Hall Tower – it’s worth it
Biggi und Flo hoch oben auf dem Rathausturm in MünchenFrom up here, you have the most beautiful view of the Marienplatz in Munich

Tip: If you want to enjoy one of the most beautiful views of Munich, take the elevator up to the City Hall Tower. The entrance fee is 6 euros for adults. The tower is also a well-known tourist attraction and one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Munich.

3. Viktualienmarkt

Another important sight you can’t miss is the famous Munich Viktualienmarkt (go to the guided gourmet tour*). The market takes place daily here on weekdays. Many different stalls offer everything a person could possibly need. Of course, there is a lot of gourmet food. If you want to do all your shopping at the Viktualienmarkt, you will have an empty wallet afterward.

Blick auf den Maibaum am ViktualienmarktThe maypole at the Viktualienmarkt
Obst am ViktualienmarktDelicious fruit at the Viktualienmarkt

For this, you get the really good stuff. From vegetables, fruit, cheese, sausage, olives, antipasti, delicious soups, organic food stores, craft stalls, flower pavilions, and bread, visitors will find many Bavarian specialties here, as well as other delicacies.

In addition, there is also a rustic beer garden in the middle of the Viktualienmarkt. By the way, the beer garden at the Viktualienmarkt serves a different beer every week. The beer garden is not owned by a single brewery, as is usually the case, but is alternated. At the bar, there is a sign indicating which beer is on tap each day.

Painter at the Viktualienmarkt
This painter is totally absorbed in his work. He has the Viktualienmarkt illustrated
A booth at the Viktualienmarkt
A booth at the Viktualienmarkt
The Viktualienmarkt in Munich
The pickle stall at the Viktualienmarkt

Directly at the Viktualienmarkt there is a special feature: the market hall Eataly. As the name suggests, you will find many delicacies from Italy there and you can also eat and drink there at the same time. It’s always worthwhile to stroll through the market hall because there are really great delicacies.

By the way, cooking classes are also offered here. We have already participated in one ourselves and it was a lot of fun. You can book the course on the website.

The Eataly in Munich
The Eataly in Munich has Italian specialties

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4. Church of our lady

The towers of the Church of Our Lady
The towers of the Church of Our Lady are extremely striking and Munich’s landmark
The Cenotaph (Scheingrab) for Emperor Ludwig
The cenotaph (mock tomb) for Emperor Ludwig, who died in 1347, in the rear part of the church

The Church of Our Lady is actually called the Cathedral of our dear Lady. The most striking feature of the church is the twin towers with the characteristic onion dome. The late Gothic brick building can be seen from afar over the roofs of Munich and is one of the city’s top things to do. Unfortunately, it’s not currently possible to climb the south tower.

Church of Our Lady inside
Inside the Church of Our Lady
Church of Our Lady tower
A tower of the Church of Our Lady is currently illuminated

Since 2022 you can climb up the left tower of Munich’s Church of Our Lady again. From up there, you have a legendary view down to the city hall tower, to the Marienplatz, and over Munich. For 10 years now the tower was closed. So if you’re in Munich, you can’t miss this beautiful sight.

Admission to the tower costs 7.50 euros per person. An elevator takes you up. Here you have one of the most beautiful views of the Marienplatz from above.

Tip: For spooky fans, this very special city tour* about mystical sagas and legends of the old town is worthwhile.

A tile in Munich's Church of Our Lady is supposed to show the devil's footprint
Is this the devil’s footprint? At any rate, this is how it’s handed down

When you visit the church, be sure to check out the square floor tile in the nave entrance. It’s said to be the devil’s footprint, the Devil’s Step. According to the legend, the devil wanted to destroy the church.

5. Residence

What else is in Munich to do? Munich’s Residence is located directly on Odeonsplatz. The Residence used to be the city palace. Bavarian dukes, electors, and of course kings stayed here. Incidentally, the Residence is the largest inner-city palace in Germany and thus an important sight in the whole of Germany.

The Antiquarium of the Munich Residence
The Antiquarium of the Residence – isn’t it overwhelming?

Today, during Advent, a beautiful Christmas market is held in one of the ten courtyards of the huge complex. Otherwise, the Residence houses one of the most important spatial art museums in Europe.

The museum is huge. Particularly outstanding is the Antiquarium – a huge vaulted magnificent building, but you shouldn’t miss rooms like the Emperor’s Room or the Porcelain Chamber.

Are you interested in history? Then maybe the guided tour on the Third Reich and World War II is something for you (book here*).

6. View from the Old Peter

The Old Peter in Munich - you can climb the tower
The Old Peter in Munich is the oldest church. Of course, you absolutely have to go up to the tower. From the top, you have a great view
View from the top of Munich's old city hall
From the Old Peter you have a beautiful view of the Marienplatz and here on the old city hall

The church of St. Peter, which is only called the Old Peter by the people of Munich, is the oldest mentioned parish church in Munich. You should definitely take a look at this sight in the middle of Munich’s old town. The Gothic new building of St. Peter’s Church was consecrated in 1294.

If you want to enjoy a great view of the city, then you should take the 306 steps up to the Peter’s Tower. It’s really worth it. If you’re normally athletic, it’s not hard at all. The tower is 92 meters high and promises a gigantic picture, especially at sunset.

7. English Garden

The Monopteros in the English Garden
The famous Monopteros in the English Garden is a popular excursion destination for
Surfers on the Eisbach
No matter if winter or summer: in Munich people surf on the Eisbach wave

If you’re wondering what to do in Munich, a visit to the English Garden is not to be missed. The name comes from the fact that the park was modeled after English parks. On 375 hectares of green space, you will be able to visit some highlights in one of the largest parks in the world.

In any case, the main sightseeings like the Chinese Tower, the Japanese Tea House, the Monopteros, and the surfers at the Eisbach are an absolute must for all visitors. The Eisbach wave is a real eye-catcher and a visitor magnet. Photographers always gather here to take pictures of a special motif. But also the beer gardens in the English Garden are worth a visit.

Waterfall in the English Garden
This beautiful waterfall could be in Canada or anywhere else in the world

By the way, there is also a large nudist area in the English Garden. This is located on the Schönfeldwiese in the English Garden within the oval behind the House of Art. More precisely behind the Japanese Tea House, parallel to Königinstraße. And another one can be found in the northern part of the English Garden in the Schwabinger Bucht at the Schwabinger Bach between Sulzbrücke and Alte-Heide-Steg, parallel to Willi-Graf-Strasse.

By the way, the English Garden can be explored in a very relaxed way with a guide and a bicycle (book here*).

8. Hofbräuhaus

The Hofbräuhaus
Munich’s Hofbräuhaus (beer hall) is a top attraction in the state capital

If you’re now wondering what Munich is known for, a trip to the typical Bavarian pub, the Hofbräuhaus, is not to be missed. Built 500 years ago, the Munich pub achieved fame and it’s impossible to imagine the city’s attractions without it. The background for the construction was that the Bavarian Duke Wilhelm V ordered the construction of a brewery in 1589 to supply his court.

A barrel in the Hofbräuhaus
A barrel in the Hofbräuhaus
The Hofbräuhaus from the inside
Inside the Hofbräuhaus

Tip: Of course, there is also a guided tour for beer and food culture fans* in Munich.

Today, the Munich Hofbräuhaus is a cult. Of course, many more tourists usually come there than you’ll find locals. Up to 35,000 visitors are said to go to the pub every day. Still, the locale is quaint, the food tastes good, and the brass band or music on site makes for a good atmosphere. So what more could you want?

9. Olympic Park

View over the Olympia Lake
The Olympia Lake in the Olympic Park is a popular excursion destination

What else to do in Munich? The Olympic Park is worth a visit! As the name suggests, the Olympic Park was the venue for the 20th Olympic Games in 1972. The park is free to enter and the Olympic Stadium is now home to many sporting events, concerts, culture, and more. The terrain is super hilly. Families and athletes romp around climbing the Olympic Hill. There is also a small beer garden located on a hill.

Tip for soccer fans: Here you can book a combined city tour and FC Bayern soccer arena tour*.

One of the highlights and an important sight in the Olympic Park is the Olympic Stadium. You should definitely visit it. Here you can, for example, climb onto the Olympic roof and fly across the Olympic Stadium on the Flying Fox – a steel cable slide.

View of the Olympic Tower
Thousands of hikers chill and meditate
Runners at the lake
The runners in the background at the Olympic lake

Concerts often take place in the stadium. If you can’t afford a ticket or were too slow to buy one, you can also make yourself comfortable on one of the hills around the stadium in summer and listen to the music there. The Munich Midsummer Night’s Dream is impressive. The event features a grandiose fireworks display. The event always takes place in the middle of July. Look at the city’s calendar of events to find out.

The handprints of Kiss in the Olympiapark
There is also a “Hall of Fame” in Munich. Here Kiss has left their handprints

In the Olympic Tower there is a restaurant that rotates. From up there, you have a great view of the whole park. The TV tower is 291.28 meters high and at 200 meters is the Rock Museum of Munich. In the huge area, there are other exciting buildings like the Olympic Swimming Hall, the Olympic Hall, and the Ice Sports Center.

The Munich TV Tower
The Munich TV Tower under a blue and white sky
A slow train in the Olympic Park
If you have problems walking or the area is too big for you, you can take the slow train

10. Nymphenburg Palace

Yes, we have a castle in Munich too. Nymphenburg Palace is located in the west of the city and is definitely an attraction you must see. A huge palace park is part of the palace. It’s very popular for walks when the weather gets nice. The Nymphenburg Palace is one of the great royal palaces in Europe. Of course, you should not miss this sight.

With a length of 632 meters, Nymphenburg even surpasses Versailles Palace. This is where the Wittelsbach dynasty resided in the summer. Especially beautiful is the huge water canal, where you will always find ducks or swans. The huge park with fountains and beautiful architecture is also worth a visit.

By the way, you can also reach the castle with the Hop-On/Hop-Off bus (online ticket*).

Nymphenburg Palace in Munich in all its glory
The Nymphenburg Palace in Munich in its full splendor

Inside the palace, the beautiful gallery of King Ludwig I of Bavaria is particularly noteworthy. He had his court painter portray 36 beautiful ladies from Munich.

You can visit the palace, the Marstall Museum with the Nymphenburg Porcelain Museum, and the park castles. The park castles are the Amalienburg, Badenburg, Pagodenburg, and Magdalenenklause. You’ll find ornately decorated walls in these small, independent buildings. A visit to these other sights is worthwhile.

The Nymphenburg Palace in Munich is a top sightseeing attraction
Nymphenburg Palace is beautiful
Admission prices Nymphenburg PalaceAdults
Complete ticket “Nymphenburg”: visit of the palace, the Marstallmuseum with the museum “Nymphenburger Porzellan”, park castles (Amalienburg, Badenburg, Pagodenburg, and Magdalenenklause)15 Euro
Nymphenburg Castle8 Euro
Marstallmuseum with museum “Nymphenburg Porcelain”6 Euro
Map “park castles”5 Euro

11. Siegestor and the Leopoldstraße

Schwabing is the most famous district of Munich. The district used to be considered the bohemian quarter of the Prinzregenten era. The Siegestor (Victory Gate) was once intended to be as pompously designed as the Arch of Constantine in Rome. In 1840, Ludwig I commissioned an architect to design this landmark.

The Siegestor in Munich
Behind the Siegestor in Munich begins the famous Leopoldstraße – one of the top sights of the city

The impressive gate is the beginning of the famous Leopoldstraße (Leopold Street). Leopoldstraße is one of the most famous shopping streets in Munich and is very popular. It’s very long, lined with stores, cafes, bars, and restaurants. If you are in Munich, you should definitely make a trip here in the evening.

Behind the Siegestor runs the Ludwigsstraße, the boulevard of the king. In total, the gate is 24 meters long, twelve meters wide, and 21 meters high. At the top is the figure of Bavaria, who has a chariot in front of her, pulled by four lions.

Are you in the mood for some action? Then the Segway tour to the highlights of the city* is certainly something for you.

12. Deutsches Museum

Deutsches Museum sign
The entrance to the Deutsches Museum

The Deutsches Museum (“German Museum”) is one of the most famous museums, also internationally. It’s the largest science and technology museum in the world by exhibition space. It’s no wonder that the stream of visitors never stops and that the attraction has become a hotspot in Munich. Some 1.5 million people are said to visit

the museum annually. It’s located on the Museum Island and is bordered here by the Isar River.

Entrance to the Deutsches Museum
The entrance to the Deutsches Museum looks grandiose
Deutsches Museum at night
The Deutsches Museum at night with a projection of Finding Nemo

Tip: With the Munich CityTourCard* you get discounts at many museums, sights, and theaters, concerts, stores, cafes, and restaurants.

The best thing about Munich: every Sunday the museum admission costs only 1 Euro for each visitor. Although there are long lines to get in, it’s definitely worth it. And especially the Deutsches Museum is one of the important sights of the city.

Upstairs in the Deutsches Museum is the Frau im Mond Bar since 2022. From the terrace of the bar, you have a beautiful view down to the Munich Isar. You’re sitting so high up that you can see several of the bridges spanning the Isar from the rooftop terrace.

13. Hofgarten

The pavilion in the Hofgarten with flowers
The pavilion in the Hofgarten is one of the top photo motifs in the city

The Hofgarten (Court Garden) is directly adjacent to the Residence and is now a much-used park. Since 1530 there has been a park in Munich, which has been expanded more and more. The pavilion in the middle of the garden is particularly beautiful. The Diana Temple has stood here since 1615.

The main entrance to the park is the Hofgartentor (“Court Garden Gate”) on the west side. It faces the Theatinerkirche (“Theatin Church”) on Odeonsplatz.

On one side stands the Residence, and on the other side borders Odeonsplatz. On the far side is the imposing building of the Bavarian State Chancellery.

So there are all kinds of imposing buildings to see in the Hofgarten. Not to mention the huge park.

14. Odeonsplatz

Odeonsplatz Munich
The Odeonsplatz in Munich

The Odeonsplatz (“Odeon Square”) in Munich is a huge square that is definitely worth a visit. It takes its name from a concert hall that Ludwig I had built in 1827. The Odeon is located on the southwest side of the Odeonsplatz.

Particularly striking is the equestrian statue of King Ludwig I in the center of the square. Behind it stands the Feldherrnhalle (Commander’s Hall). It was built on the model of the Loggia dei Lanzi in Florence and dates from the 19th century. The hall is dedicated to the Bavarian army.

Also on Odeonsplatz is the huge Theatinerkirche. The baroque church with a dome is also worth seeing and very imposing.

Insider tip: The Viscardigasse ( Viscardi Street) behind the Odeonsplatz used to be called Drückebergergasse (Shirkers’ Lane). In the Third Reich, you could avoid the SS guards in front of the Feldherrnhalle via this alley and didn’t have to greet them. In the alley, you can still find bronze cobblestones that remind you of the resistance of that time. So if you’re looking for secret places in Munich, you’ve come to the right place.

15. Bavarian Parliament – Maximilianeum

The Bavarian Parliament, the Maximilianeum, is definitely a great sight in Munich. You should definitely not miss the imposing building. Since 1876, the huge estate has been the seat of the Maximilianeum Foundation for gifted students from the Palatinate and Bavaria.

Since 1949, the building has also been the seat of the Bavarian Parliament, which -as the name suggests – is the state parliament of the Free State of Bavaria and the seat of government of the Bavarian Parliament.

The building is located across the Isar River from Munich’s Old Town in the Haidhausen district. It was built in the Renaissance style and looks extremely pompous.

16. Pinakothek der Moderne

The “Pinakothek der Moderne Museum” (museum of modern art) opened back in 2002. The museum houses four different museums. You can find there a collection of modern art. Here you will find paintings from classical modernism to contemporary art. The collection belongs to the Bavarian State Painting Collection.

Also in the Pinakothek, you will find the State Collection of Prints and Drawings as well as the Museum of Architecture of the Technical University of Munich and the Neue Sammlung – The Design Museum.

17. Museum Brandhorst

What else is to see in Munich? In 2009, an extremely modern and stylish building was opened in Munich, in the middle of the Maxvorstadt district, officially Munich’s art area. The Museum Brandhorst. There you can see the collection of modern and contemporary art.

It belongs to Udo and Anette Brandhorst. The facade of the museum is very striking. Colorful ceramic rods make a popular photo spot

18. Bavarian State Opera

Munich’s National Theater is home to the Bavarian State Opera. It looks back on a 350-year history. The opera is one of the most renowned opera houses in the world. Premieres were held here as early as 1700.

The opera house on Salvatorplatz existed before 1649 and is thus considered the oldest opera house in the German-speaking world. The Court Opera in Vienna also looks back to this time.

One spectacular premiere, for example, was that of the opera “La finta giardiniera” by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Today, many performances of the Bavarian State Orchestra and the Bavarian State Ballet take place here.

The Munich Opera Festival has also been held in Munich since 1875. They are among the most important music festivals in the world.

19. BMW World

Directly at the Olympic Park stands another architectural highlight: the BMW World. Since 2007, BMW fans have been able to experience the brands BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, BMW Motorrad, and everything about motorsports, innovations, and technology in the museum.

BMW World Munich
BMW World with the famous BMW Tower is one of the most visited places in Germany and an absolute top sight to see

By the way, you can also have a delicious meal at BMW Welt. The gourmet restaurant Esszimmer has been honored with two Michelin stars. BMW Welt is definitely a highly sought-after sight among tourists visiting the city.

The BMW Museum from the outside
The BMW Museum from the outside

20. Bavaria Film City

Children on a guided tour of the Bavaria Filmstadt in Munich
The Bavaria Filmstadt is a much sought-after attraction during a visit to Munich

Bavaria Filmstadt in Grünwald offers exciting guided tours of the film city. 350,000 visitors are said to view the facility each year. However, it’s also a great way to stand on the film sets of famous movies. Bavaria Filmstadt is one of the grandest sights in Munich.

A look inside the sets - here in a tunnel - at the Bavaria Filmstadt
This is where the movies of your childhood were shot: at Bavaria Filmstadt

On site you can see the sets of various series and movies: The backdrop street “Münchener Straße” from the series Löwengrube, the Viking village and the ship from “Wickie the Viking”, the interior sets and props from the films “Asterix and Obelix”, “Big Game – Die Jagd beginnt” and “Das Boot”. The tours have been taking place since 1981. There is also a 4D adventure cinema on the vast grounds. The tours are perfect for families with children, for young people, but also for older people.

Extra tip: Kunsthalle Munich and UTOPIA

View of ticket and work in the Kunsthalle Munich

The JR Chronicals exhibition was fantastic. Here the ticket shows his most famous work at the Kunsthalle Munich
In the exhibition space at UTOPIA in Munich - a video installation
Paintings come to life here: at UTOPIA Munich

Finally, we have two important tips for you. If you still have time left and are into modern art installations, then you must definitely check out the exhibitions at Kunsthalle München and UTOPIA.

The Kunsthalle München is located near the city hall and the Marienplatz in Munich. It presents three to four temporary exhibitions a year. Since around 350,000 visitors view the exhibitions every year, the Kunsthalle is one of the most visited exhibition houses in Germany. One ingenious display, for example, was JR: Chronicles. It featured “the largest retrospective to date of French artist JR.”

UTOPIA – a happening place – is also a great art installation in Munich. In the former riding hall in Schwabing-West, an event location was converted. The Reithalle is a listed building and offers artists space for art installations, concerts, readings, and much more. A great installation was Viva Frida Kahlo – Immersive Experience.

What you absolutely have to do in Munich: To the Isar river

What else is there to see in Munich? Well, what you definitely have to do when you’re in Munich is to pay a visit to the Isar River during the day or in the evening. Actually, it’s beautiful everywhere along the Isar. But the most sought-after regions are around the Deutsches Museum, the Reichenbach Bridge, the Wittelsbach Bridge, the Flaucher at the Tiergarten, and the section from the Müllersche Volksbad to the Friedensengel.

By the way, there are more sights in Munich that are worth seeing if you have more time. You can find all information in the above-mentioned articles about the different districts in Munich. We advise you to explore a lot of Munich on foot.

By the way, the half-day bike tour with a local guide along the Isar River is very worthwhile (book here*).

Path along the Isar
This footbridge on the Isar is always crowded in the evening and on weekends

Everywhere along the Isar you have the possibility to spread out your towel or to go to one of the small islands in the middle of the Isar. It’s crowded everywhere in summer. In the morning you will see many locals practicing Qi-Gong or other sports. The Isar is a meeting place for everyone. Along the Isar, there are always small kiosks where you can stop and buy a beer.

Müllersches Volksbad
View from the Zenneckbrücke to the Müllersche Volksbad

Insider tip: Nudism on the Isar: In principle, you can find people everywhere on the Isar who show themselves quite freely and jump naked into the water. But there are already a few areas where you can find more naked people as they say in Bavaria.

In total, there are seven official places in Munich where it is allowed to sunbathe naked. In the western flood bed Maria Einsiedel near the Marienklausenbrücke to about the direction of the Hinterbrühler Lake. On the eastern bank between the Braunau railroad bridge and the Brudermühl bridge. At the Tiergarten section near the large gravel bank east of the Flauchersteg. On the Isar Island on the east bank to Mittlere-Isar-Strasse and about 100 meters before the pedestrian bridge to the English Garden.

The Isar in the evening
The Isar at sunset

The most famous folk festival in the world: the Oktoberfest

The most famous folk festival in Munich and also in the world is the Oktoberfest. It’s not only known throughout Germany but also internationally. Not for nothing, there is an Italian or English weekend at the Wiesn. This is the popular name for Oktoberfest. The event is one of the most famous attractions in Munich.

The Herzkasperl-Festzellt on the Wiesn
Here is celebrated heartily: in the Herzkasperl tent at the Munich Oktoberfest

The Oide Wiesn at the Munich Oktoberfest is particularly beautiful with antique rides. The Wiesn takes place on the large square on the Theresienwiese. Today this is concreted. Outside of the 5th season in Munich (which is also the name of the Oktoberfest), the square is used by joggers, athletes, or walkers.

The Herszkasperl festival tent at the Munich Oktoberfest
Quaint and with a great beer garden: the Herzkasperl tent at the Oiden Wiesn

In winter, the Tollwood also takes place here. A huge Christmas market with concerts. The Oktoberfest takes place every year in September. This year it is from September 21 to October 6.

Directly above the Theresienwiese is the Ruhmeshalle. This impressive columned structure was also commissioned by King Ludwig I of Bavaria. The statue of Bavaria is enthroned directly in front of it. Both huge mighty structures were built between 1843 and 1853.

The Hall of Fame is 68 meters wide and 32 meters deep. Its roof is supported by 48 frontal columns almost seven meters high. The entire hall was made of Kelheim limestone.

Tip: For 3.50 euros, you can climb up to the Bavaria, right into its head.

The Bavaria at the Theresienwiese
The Bavaria watches over the Theresienwiese

Hellabrunn Zoo

For families, the Hellabrunn Zoo is a real experience. The zoo is quite old. It was founded in 1911. the park is located in the protected landscape area of the Isarauen. There are 750 species of animals living there. On the zoo’s website, you can check out what animal births are going on.

We are against zoos and do not visit them. Animals should live in the wild. However, you have to decide for yourself if you want to support zoos.

Eating and drinking in Munich

A hearty meal and a good beer to go with it are a tradition in Bavaria. Besides the Hofbräuhaus, a visit to the rustic beer garden is a must-do in Bavaria and especially in Munich. The most famous delicatessen in Munich is clearly Dallmayr.

Largest beer garden: Königlicher Hirschgarten

The Königlicher Hirschgarten in Munich is the city’s largest beer garden. Perhaps even the largest in the world, according to some statistics. Around 8,000 guests can visit the beer garden in the center of Munich. It’s called royal because Elector Carl Theodor created the Hirschgarten.

Here, by the way, it’s tradition to either bring your own empty stein or get one from the stein cabinet and rinse it off. This very one is then filled with Augustiner beer.

Address: Hirschgarten 1

Opening hours: 11:30 a.m. to midnight (maximum until 01:00 a.m.)

Other nice beer gardens in Munich:


An icon in Munich is the delicatessen and probably one of the most famous coffee brands Dallmayr. The company’s history is over 300 years old. There you can not only get freshly ground coffee but also eat delicious delicacies.

The popular Dallmayr delicatessen from the outside
The popular delicatessen Dallmayr

After a shopping spree, the chic crowd likes to meet here for a drink. The store is also very suitable for gifts.

The coffee grinders at Dallmayr
Well-known for the famous Dallmayr commercials: the coffee vases made of Nymphenburg porcelain

Address: Dienerstraße 14-15

Opening hours: daily 9:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., closed on Sundays


For more unusual and fun things to do, we can recommend Munich’s Nockherberg. You’ve probably already heard something about it. This place is famous because the Paulaner brewery has settled here. By the way, even though the Nockherberg is called a mountain, it’s not a mountain, it’s just a hill.

Up here, the annual strong beer festival, the Salvator-Ausschank, takes place with the politician Derblecken. Derblecken is a Bavarian expression for the fact that one pulls above all persons of the public life critically, but always with a wink through the cocoa.

Address: Hochstraße 77

Opening hours: open daily from 11 a.m. to midnight

Restaurants and cafés in the city center

Where to stay in Munich?

The restaurant at 25hours Hotel
There is a restaurant in the 25hours Hotel. The lobby is also very nice
The interior of the 25hours Hotel
Directly at the reception you can find this wacky carriage as a motive
Biggi in the washrooms at the Andaz Hotel
The washrooms in the Andaz Hotel are huge and there are stylish make-up tables everywhere

When to visit Munich?

You can visit Munich at any time of the year. In winter, there are great Christmas markets in Munich that are definitely worth a visit. In spring, the city really blossoms. With the first rays of sunshine, the cafés are in full swing and the first spring festivals begin.

Summer is beer garden and Isar time. There are also great concerts and summer events. In the fall, the Oktoberfest takes place. As you can see, Munich is suitable at any time of year.

The “grantig” (Bavarian for annoying) Munich resident is quite sweet

One thing in advance: the Munich native often needs a little time to thaw out. You could also call him lazy. And: the “Schickeria” sung about in the well-known song by the Spider Murphy Gang is not a fantasy, it really exists.

When you move to Munich, you often get the feeling that all the neighbors around you are super rich. And that’s probably even true for many residents in Munich. Also, the prices for restaurants or bars are not insignificant in some corners and can eat a deep hole in your wallet. But if you know that, adjust to it and otherwise just enjoy the advantages of this beautiful city, then you can really enjoy yourself in Munich.

With our tips you can also save a little money. Munich is very cozy, has a really great style and beautiful nature. In Munich, the world is simply still in order and you feel immediately comfortable and safe here.

We’ve been living here for almost a decade now and we’ll show you some great sights that you should definitely see during your visit as a tourist. And whether you’re drawn to the Old Town, Schwabing, Maxvorstadt, Untergießing, Au and Haidhausen, the English Garden or Westpark – every district in Munich is exciting. You can truly experience a lot here.

The Isar in the evening light
The Isar in the beautiful evening light – Munich is gorgeous and green

We hope that we have whetted your appetite for our city and its magnificent sights. However, there is of course much more to discover in Munich. Many more restaurants, many more cafes, ice cream parlors, clubs, and much culture. But that would have blown up the scope of this article now. We will try to catch that in further articles about the districts of Munich. For a long weekend, however, the tips are enough in any case.

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