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Inspiration, foreign cultures, hearty people, new languages: Travelling gives us so much. We take you with us on our travel blog to our heart places, whether near or far.

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Photos capture moments, make an impression, live on. For us, photography is a passion. We capture the most beautiful moments and experiences in our pictures. But we also show you how to capture your own personal adventures with the camera.

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The most beautiful cities in the world
Virgin forest donation in Germany
Virgin forest donation in Germany

Primeval forests in Germany

Nature is very close to our hearts. In addition to our WalkInTrashOut campaign, since the beginning of 2022 we have been supporting the Green Forest Fund, which works to preserve our natural environment in Germany. We regularly donate trees, virgin forest, sustainable bee pastures and habitat for birds. And we do this in the middle of Germany so that future generations can also experience the beauty of our homeland.

Donated primeval forest, bee pasture and habitat for birds so far: 20 square meters
Donated trees so far: 4 trees for one year CO₂ compensation

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San Francisco sights: the most beautiful things to do and places you must see

Top things to do in San Francisco: 15 beautiful sights to see [+ map]

San Francisco wows us with awesome sights. Our first impression of San Francisco blows our minds. The streets are pulsating with life, people from all over the world scurry through the canyons of houses and narrow alleys. The city reminds us strongly of Berlin Kreuzberg – exactly our thing.

When we stand in front of the Golden Gate Bridge in the morning, which rises out of the fog, we are totally impressed. Via Lombard Street we take you on an exciting city tour through San Francisco. Of course, we’ll also ride the famous Cable Car up and down the hilly streets.

Have fun with our top sights in California’s fourth largest city, so beautifully situated on the Pacific Ocean. With our travel tips, you’ll have an unforgettable time in this East Coast metropolis.

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Edinburgh sights: the most beautiful things to do and places you must see

Top things to do in Edinburgh: 15 beautiful sights to see [+ map]

Edinburgh offers its visitors beautiful sights. We have been to Scotland many times and explored the area. But Edinburgh really captivated us. You should definitely not miss the Harry Potter city. The old town is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In this article, we will show you the most important sights that you should not miss. We will take you to the Forth Bridge, explore Edinburgh Castle, The Royal Mile, St Giles’ Cathedral, Calton Hill, Arthur’s Seat, The Old Calton Burial Ground, Scott Monument and much more.

In addition, of course, we discover the Harry Potter spots Elephant House, Greyfriars Kirkyard Cemetery, George Heriot School, i.e. Hogwarts, Victoria Street as Angular Alley, the Harry Potter Museum and drink butterbeer at The Dog House.

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Venice sights: the most beautiful things to do and places you must see

Top things to do in Venice: 20 beautiful sights to see [+ map]

We take you to the most beautiful sights in Venice. When it’s winter or a rainy summer in Germany, it’s mild and sunny in Italy. What could be more natural than to escape the miserable German weather and take a dream weekend trip to the city of love – Venice.

A trip to Venice is not only a balm for the soul but also a glimpse into the past. Venice is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Until the 16th century, Venice was one of the largest trading cities – and you notice that immediately upon arrival. Venice still bears witness to the fact that the city was once a trans-shipment center for luxury goods, spices, salt, and corn. You can imagine how the merchants haggled, ships docked in the harbor and the gondoliers drove through the narrow canals.

What beautiful places and sights to see await you in Venice, we tell you now. If you’ve been to the lagoon city many times before, here are the best insider tips and secret places in Venice.

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The best photo equipment for long trips and hiking

My photo equipment: camera packing list for traveling and hiking

As a professional photographer, I have high expectations of my photographic equipment. On the one hand, I want top-quality photos – and that requires outstanding photographic equipment with high-quality lenses and a state-of-the-art camera.

On the other hand, we travel a lot. Not only in faraway countries, but also on high mountains and in inhospitable areas – sometimes for many days. Nothing is much harder than a heavy (camera) backpack. Over the course of many years I have perfected my photographic gear – in terms of quality, weight and solidness.

Photo equipment is only perfect when it fits you and your needs. If you only take pictures in the photo studio, the weight is not important. If you travel a lot or are in the mountains, weight and pack size are two main criteria.

Here you will find the perfect photo equipment for long hikes or for trips to faraway countries.

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