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Inspiration, foreign cultures, hearty people, new languages: Travelling gives us so much. We take you with us on our travel blog to our heart places, whether near or far.

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Photos capture moments, make an impression, live on. For us, photography is a passion. We capture the most beautiful moments and experiences in our pictures. But we also show you how to capture your own personal adventures with the camera.

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Virgin forest donation in Germany
Virgin forest donation in Germany

Primeval forests in Germany

Nature is very close to our hearts. In addition to our WalkInTrashOut campaign, since the beginning of 2022 we have been supporting the Green Forest Fund, which works to preserve our natural environment in Germany. We regularly donate trees, virgin forest, sustainable bee pastures and habitat for birds. And we do this in the middle of Germany so that future generations can also experience the beauty of our homeland.

Donated primeval forest, bee pasture and habitat for birds so far: 20 square meters
Donated trees so far: 8 trees for two years CO₂ compensation

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Things to do in Hamburg: 15 beautiful places you must see [with map]

Hello from Hamburg . Come with us to the port city and discover the most beautiful sights and cool places that you simply must have seen. We have already spent a few nights on the Reeperbahn and early mornings with the “market screamers” at the fish market. We have fallen in love with the city on the Elbe with its beautiful corners.

Besides the Elbphilharmonie we present you the most beautiful places to visit and attractions in Hamburg. Whether during the day or in the evening: Hamburg is full of beautiful things to see. Here you can find the perfect sight for everyone.

We know our stuff – secret places and musical secret tips can’t be missing! Did you know that Hamburg also has many parks and a botanical garden? Of course, the Hanseatic city also made it onto our list of the most beautiful travel destinations in Germany.

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Die Kamera des iPhone 14 Pro im Test

iPhone 14 Pro review: What you need to know about the camera

The camera of the Apple iPhone 14 Pro (Max) has many improvements. But how does the camera of the luxury smartphone perform in the everyday life of a photographer? I put the iPhone camera through an extensive test.

You’ll find all the important information about sensor size, megapixels, photo and video quality, and much more.

And now enjoy my iPhone 14 Pro camera test.

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The 15 most beautiful Christmas Markets in Germany

In more than 2,000 German cities at least one Christmas market, Advent market, or Christkindlmarkt takes place. In addition, there are many suburbs and districts, some of which have their own Christmas markets.

Some Christmas markets only take place on Advent weekends, while others last just a week. But most Christmas markets are open the whole pre-Christmas season.

There are historical and modern variants, large well-known, and small romantic Christmas markets. In addition, many cities offer Advent events. So there is plenty of entertainment.

We have now compiled for you the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany, all of which have something special and atmospheric. And as always, we also have a few nice insider tips for you, which you certainly do not know yet. Have fun drinking mulled wine!

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Der Sonnenuntergang am Eibsee mit Blick auf die Zugspitze

Germany top sights to see: 100 beautiful places you must see

Germany’s most beautiful sights include fairytale castles and palaces, imposing cathedrals, historic old towns, but also modern buildings of modern times and unique landscapes such as the Wadden Sea or the Alps.

We went in search of Germany’s top 100 sights and traveled the entire country from north to south and from west to east.

The result is the ultimate overview of the top 100 sights for an unforgettable road trip through Germany.

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